Tapepro Automatic Taper

    • Applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all flat and internal angle joints on walls and ceilings
    • Unique quick-release head for ease of cleaning
    • Easily removed cover plate for easy access to internal parts
    • Easy to use control tube with extra-wide rollers to reduce wear
    • Simplified design with fewer moving parts
    • Easily adjustable backup roller tension
    • Stainless steel drive chain
    • A larger filler valve delivers faster loading
    • Improved feed mechanism allows incremental feeding of tape without causing rips
    • Pull ring on control tube for extended reach
    • Swivel tape keeper stays attached to make changing tapes quicker

Documents / Schematics

TPAT-2000 Schematics
Part No TapePro Code Description
TPAT-2000 AT-2000 Automatic Taper