Tapepro T2 Flat Box

SKU: TPT-150,TPT-200,TPT-250,TPT-300
    • Provide a second-tier alternative to the popular Blue 2 range and feature a different method of construction, blade holder sealing and setting adjustment
    • The profile and size of the boxes is the same as the Blue 2 and they share many components
    • Rugged design built to last
    • Large capacity boxes deliver increased productivity
    • Wheels run inside blade width
    • This means the last thing on the wall is the blade, and very handy for butt joints
    • Fits any TapePro or popular Finishing Box handle
    • Available in 4 sizes – 6” (TPT-150) / 8” (TPT-200) / 10” (TPT-250) / 12” (TPT-300)


Documents / Schematics

T2 Flat Box Schematics
Part No Tape Pro Code Description
TPT-150 T-150 TAPEPRO T2 Flat Box 6"
TPT-200 T-200 TAPEPRO T2 Flat Box 8"
TPT-250 T-250 TAPEPRO T2 Flat Box 10"
TPT-300 T-300 TAPEPRO T2 Flat Box 12"