Tapepro Blue 2 Flat Box

  • Apply joint compound to all flat recess and butt joints, automatically crowning the joint and feathering the edges
  • Boxes are high capacity and feature a unique peened construction for additional strength
  • The pressure plate is fitted to an axle for the smoothest operation and opens wide allowing easy access for cleaning
  • The wheels are mounted on a fixed axle for more rigidity and run inside the blade width so the blade is always the last thing on the wall
  • Fits any TapePro or popular Finishing Box handle
  • Available in 3 sizes – 8” (TPFFB-200) / 10” (TPFFB-250) / 12” (TPFFB-300)

Documents / Schematics

FBB Schematics
Part No Tape Pro Code Description
TPFFB-200 FFB-200 TAPEPRO Blue 2 Flat Box 8"
TPFFB-250 FBB-250 TAPEPRO Blue 2 Flat Box 10"
TPFFB-300 FFB-300 TAPEPRO Blue 2 Flat Box 12"