Circle Brand Fiberglass Mesh Tape

SKU: T3001, T3002, T3003, T3004, T3005, T3006, T3007, T3008, T3009

Circle Brand Fiberglass Mesh Tape is used to prevent cracking of butt joints (where two drywall sheets meet). It is used across all the butt joints and inside corners and then coated with mud. This specific brand is self adhesive so you do not have to put a coat of mud down first you can just put it directly onto your drywall.

Self-adhesive drywall joint tape greatly increases strength and durability for less job site cracking and blistering. Requires no embedding coat.

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T30012" x 500' Mesh Tape12/ctn.
T30022" x 300' Mesh Tape12/ctn.
T300312" x 150' Mesh Tape9/ctn.
T30044" x 150' Mesh Tape27/ctn.
T30056" x 150' Mesh Tape18/ctn.
T300634" x 150' Detail Mesh9/ctn.
T30072 1/2" x 500' Mesh Tape10/ctn.
T30082" x 150' Detail Mesh27/ctn.
T30092" x 65' Detail Mesh24/ctn.