Update on Supply Chain Disruptions for Dealer Partners

Global Supply Chain disruptions continue to persist and are projected for the remainder of 2021. 

This affects not only products sourced from overseas, but North American made as well.

Causes for these disruptions in supply chain include:

  • Longer lead times for sourcing raw materials
  • Labour shortages causing longer manufacturing times
  • Shortage of equipment & empty containers to ship via ocean
  • Backlog in offloading containers in ports across North America
  • Substantial price increases to both cost of manufacturing goods and transportation

These Supply Chain Disruptions come at the same time as demand increases for building materials during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To better manage our inventory availability, we find it necessary to temporarily stop Volume Orders on products that have been affected most by these supply disruptions and cost increases.

The following products will be on allocation at regular price until further notice

  • Sanding Roll Products (SP080 – SP228) Max 15 rolls per order per grit
  • Drywall Dollies (ST0100 – ST0106)           Max 2 dollies per order
  • Dolly Casters (ST0108 – ST0109A)            Max 12 casters per order
  • Staples (ST0580 – ST0589)                           Max 40 boxes (2 cases) per order
  • Scaffolds (ST0728 – ST0733-5)                    Max of 5 scaffolds per order
  • Trim Tex 847 Adhesive Spray                     Max of 24 cans per order

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