Top 5 Drywall Products You’ll Want for Every Job Site

Top 5 Drywall Products You’ll Want for Every Job Site

With the release of the new Wallboard Trim & Tool Catalogue, we have put together a list of the top items that you should keep an eye on to take your work to the next level. These high-quality tools are held to the highest of standards and any jobsite will benefit from having them available. The professional-grade craftsmanship associated with these products allows you to worry less about the state of your tools and more on the excellence of your work. Check out Wallboard Trim & Tool’s newest catalogue and explore the huge range of drywall tools available; sure to work just as hard as you do.

The Circle Brand One Piece Joint Knives are guaranteed to perform and are a top choice among contractors looking for a durable tool. These knives are carefully crafted out of a single piece of stainless steel which ensures this product will be durable, sturdy, and last through the toughest and most demanding jobs. Our Joint Knives are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose your preferred measurements for the most efficient work on your next project. They range from as small as 1.5” to 10”, making sure you are set for anything you need to tackle. The precision that can be achieved using Circle Brand Joint Knives has made them a staple in the industry’s toolbox, and the consistency in quality will be sure to continue in every product. 

NELA’s Black Edition products bring a level of class and sleekness never seen before in the drywall industry. With an exclusive black cork handle and gold stainless steel blade, reliability has never looked better. The NELA Black Edition Trowel provides control and flexibility that gives contractors power over their work like no other tool. Allowing easy maneuverability, the flexible design leaves room for the most intricate detail work and maintains the same level of durability that you have come to expect from NELA’s acclaimed premium tools. 

Not lagging behind, NELA Black Edition Blades raise the standard for efficiency and control. The lustrous model of the Black Edition Blades rival those of the Trowels and show that tools can look great and work great at the same time. The blades’ lightweight grip design and ergonomic features allow for maximum comfort, letting your work be as smooth as the tool itself. The customization offered by the brand offers extension handles for projects of all kinds, and the blades can be easily replaced if damaged or worn. Select the size of your liking and you will be sure to find the perfect tool for your every need. 

The Mirka LEROS Complete Power Sander Kit contains everything you will need to expertly carry out your next sanding job. A fantastic sanding selection, the kit includes the LEROS Wall Sander with a carrying bag, an extension shaft, a dust extractor unit, a vacuum hose and adaptor with included sleeve, and 6 10-piece packs of Abranet Discs. The LEROS Power Sander isn’t only potent and robust; its 180∞ flexibility combines with meticulous orbital movement that allows exact responses to the user’s precision needs on corners and edges. Coupled with the dust-free removal that comes with using Abranet Sanding Discs, the LEROS Power Sander has made sanding rough surfaces easier and cleaner than ever. With accessible storage and portability in mind, this kit is not only powerful enough to handle the toughest projects, it also leaves the jobsite clean enough to move on to the next job with never before seen efficiency.

If you are looking for quick and easy sanding, look no further than the Circle Brand Express Sander. The sander’s lightweight head provides all the benefits that come with a premium die-cast tool without the hassle of working with a product too heavy to use easily. The tried-and-tested design features a low-profile U-Joint which guides the sander flat against the wall and provides a smooth experience while working. The Circle Brand Express Sander is high in accessibility and focuses on easy-to-replace parts and adjusting the product to your preference. The built-in EZ Finger Flip allows for quick and easy sanding sheet changes, and pole adapters and extendable handles can help work on hard-to-reach places with ease. The sander is compatible with Circle Brand Paper Back Sandpaper as well as Circle Brand Sponge Back Sandpaper. The Sponge Back Sandpaper Rolls use aluminum oxide and a cloth backing on each sheet to lead to a long-lasting and durable experience. The carefully crafted backing reduces friction which prevents scuffing no matter what size or grit you are working with. Together, the premium Sandpaper used alongside the Circle Brand Express Sander raise the bar for ease-of-use and will keep up with your work at any pace without fear of flaws or damage. 

5. Circle Brand Drywall Stilts

Circle Brand Drywall Stilts help you make quick work of awkward and elevated places to help you increase productivity with no drawbacks. Check out the selection of stilts and associated parts, including Adjustable Aluminum Stilts and Adjustable Magnesium Stilts. The EZ Stride Adjustable Aluminum Stilts are sturdy products that can help deal with uncomfortable places and angles through the featured heavy duty side poles. Support and comfort are a tremendous focus on the stilts’ design to ensure safety and durability. The built-in adjustable heel guards increase control of your own posture and position to always maintain a high level of balance. Alongside rubber soles, which allow for superior traction and grip, the EZ Stride Adjustable Aluminum Stilts can provide ease of mind and body while working on the most difficult-to-reach places. If you are looking for a product that can guarantee the same level of comfort and maneuverability while also being the lightest stilts on the market, look no further than the EZ Stride Adjustable Magnesium Stilts. A lightweight alternative for increasing reach, these stilts provide the same benefits you have come to expect from Circle Brand’s standard stilts yet offer the added advantage of being lighter and easier to move without any detriment to their sturdiness. Check these out and approach even the toughest places to reach with comfort and confidence.

The biggest priority of any jobsite should be finding new ways to constantly improve and raise the bar in terms of efficiency and reliability. With such a large selection of essential products being featured in the newly launched Wallboard Trim & Tool Catalogue, there is no shortage of areas of improvement to be found. The recently released catalogue addresses all of your most pressing demands, ranging from items for building and finishing to the vital safety equipment necessary to keep a safe and organized environment. Download our digital catalogue or request a printed copy and check out these amazing products and hundreds more! You will be sure to find anything you need to take your work to the next level.

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