TRUE STRIDE Adjustable Stilts

SKU: CBS016, CBS017
  • Nylon leg bearings at all pivot points add smooth transitions and longevity.
  • Built for tough conditions with beefed up adjustment hole walls and steel wing-bolt inserts.
  • Nylon sleeves in the adjustable legs assist in easy adjustments.
  • Universally adjustable side leg support which does not need to be re-adjusted when the stilts are adjusted for height.
  • Commercial grade strap webbing with self locking buckles.
  • Genuine re-enforced rubber soles provide the right grip and flex


Patented two piece foot plate provides ”ankle“ function with a heel to toe movement that translates into a smooth natural TRUE STRIDE. Manufactured using light weight aluminum.

  • Weight limit 225 lbs.
  • One foot pad is in full contact with the ground at all times.
  • Provides greater stability on uneven surfaces.
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9" x 9", 14" x 14"

CBS01618" to 30"
CBS01724" to 40"