Trim-Tex Hot Rod Type-X

SKU: TT9284,TT9285

Trim-Tex®Hotrod Type-X is a compressible intumescent firestopping that provides 1 and 2 hour fire-ratings for both dynamic and static joints on both concrete and fluted decks without spray over mineral wool (for both standard walls and shaft walls) and is sound tested according to ASTM E90, tested up to a STC 68. 

    • Maintains flexibility for the life of the interior building joint and will not shrink or pull away or harden over time.
    • Will resist oil, gasoline and most solvents.
    • The material is odorless, will not stain, and the open cell composition prevents out-gassing.
    • Product is designed for interior use.
    • Rectangular profile that is red in color and is easily identified by the inspector.

SKU Name Pieces Per Box Length
TT9284 Hot Rod Type-X 1/2" 20 4'
TT9285 Hot Rod Type-X 1" 10 4'