Trim-Tex Tear Away Shadow Bead & Archway with Flexible Leg

SKU: TT5510T, TT5520T, TT5550T, TT5560T

Create a reveal effect when butting up to ceilings, base trims, and other finished interior architectural components. Features tear off strip that leaves a clean finished edge. Archway is designed to create shadow effects along curved walls or soffits. Archway minimum 48″ inside radius or 24″ outside radius.

SKU Name Pieces Per Box Length
TT5510T ½" x ½" Bead 25 10'
TT5520T ⅜" x ⅜" Bead 25 10'
TT5550T ⅜" x ⅜" Archway 25 10'
TT5560T ½" x ½" Archway 25 10'