Tapepro Inside and Outside Mud Head


Inside Mud Head

  • Machined from high strength low friction industrial plastic
  • For dispensing ribbons of joint compound to both sides and apex of inside angle joints, horizontal or vertical, prior to applying joint tape or corner beads with a compound tube
  • Applies additional compound to internal joints for topcoat finishing with flushers and wipers

Outside Mud Head

  • Perfect for mudding external angles prior to fitting Trim-Tex Mud Set Bead.
  • This a great and extremely fast way to fit your corner beads! 
  • Designed to apply joint compound to the apex, making for the strongest joint possible.


SKU Description Qty.
TPAH-38 TapePro Inside Mud Head 1/ctn.
TPOAH TapePro Outside Mud Head 1/ctn.