Tapepro Booster Automatic Box

SKU: TPAB-200,TPAB-250,TPAB-300
    •  Feature a spring-loaded pressure plate that helps force joint compound out of the box
    •  Reduces the effort required and is particularly handy for out of position or difficult to reach areas
    • Reverse springs – easier to push
    • Durable components
    • Easy to operate – Reduced fatigue
    • Available in 3 sizes – 8” (TPAB-200) / 10” (TPAB-250) / 12” (TPAB-300)


Documents / Schematics

Part No TapePro Code Description
TPAB-200 AB-200 TAPE PRO 8" Booster Automatic Box
TPAB-250 AB-250 TAPE PRO 10" Booster Automatic Box
TPAB-300 AB-300 TAPE PRO 12" Booster Automatic Box