Sponge Back Sandpaper Rolls

SKU: SP223, SP224, SP225, SP226, SP227, SP228

Circle Brand Sponge Back Sandpaper Roll lasts 10 times longer than conventional sandpaper. The foam backing decreases uneven friction and provides contact with all surfaces throughout the sanding process. Circle Brand Sponge Back is  ideal for use with the Circle Brand Express Sander, but is also compatible with most traditional pole sanders. The sanding surface is Aluminum Oxide and available in a variety of sandpaper grits.

  • Lasts 10x longer than conventional sandpaper
  • Easy to tear off to any size
  • Foam backing creates even contact with surface for a flatter finish
  • Foam reduces uneven pressure which prevents scuffing
  • Available in grits of 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220
  • Rolls are 30’ long 

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SP223#80 Grit 3.5" x 30’5/ctn.
SP224#100 Grit 3.5" x 30’5/ctn.
SP225#120 Grit 3.5" x 30’5/ctn.
SP226#150 Grit 3.5" x 30’5/ctn.
SP227#180 Grit 3.5" x 30’5/ctn.
SP228#220 Grit 3.5" x 30’5/ctn.