Spatula Finishing Knives

SKU: NL405617BK, NL405620BK, NL405625BK, NL405630BK, NL405640BK, NL405650BK, NL405660BK,NL405680BK

Manufactured in Germany from high quality stainless steel. Made with the patented BikoGRIP CORK handle to ensure ultimate comfort and grip.

All blades are 0.4mm thick.

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SKUStainless Steel Blade
NL405617BK7" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405620BK8" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405625BK10" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405630BK12" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405640BK16" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405650BK20" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405660BK24" (Square Corners)6/ctn.
NL405680BK31.5" (Square Corners)6/ctn.