Silver Architectural Reveal Bead

SKU: TTAS5110S, TTAS5210S, TTAS5310S, TTAS5320S, TTAS5330S, TTAS5340S

Trim-Tex Silver Architectural Reveal Bead is designed to match the look of clear anodized finish on aluminum reveals and create details in walls that allow for up to ⅛” expansion control.

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SKUNamePieces Per BoxLength
TTAS5110SSilver AS ½" x ½" Reveal Bead2010'
TTAS5210SSilver AS ½" x ¾" Reveal Bead1510'
TTAS5310SSilver AS ½" x 1" Reveal Bead1510'
TTAS5320SSilver AS ⅝" x ½" Reveal Bead1510'
TTAS5330SSilver AS ⅝" x ¾" Reveal Bead1510'
TTAS5340SSilver AS ⅝" x 1" Reveal Bead1210'