Shower Bead

SKU: TT9358 ,TT9358M, TT9368, TT9368M

Replaces paper tape, which can be a food source for mold around shower/bath enclosures. Extra long 2¼” mud leg spans gap between drywall and flange, uses less mud than filling the gap. Features a tear away strip that protects the shower/tub flange from mud, leaving a clean crisp finished edge with no mess.

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SKUNamePieces Per BoxLength
TT9358Shower Bead - For 1/2" Drywall258'
TT9358MShower Bead 7' - For 1/2" Drywall57'
TT9368Shower Bead - For 5/8" Drywall258'
TT9368MShower Bead 7' - For 5/8" Drywall57'