Pop-Out Flat Access Door Panel

SKU: APRC-09, APRC-12, APRC-16, APRC-18, APRC-24, APRC-30, APSQ-09, APSQ-12, APSQ-16, APSQ-18, APSQ-24, APSQ-30

Access panels are installed at the drywall stage so location of the needed access cannot be forgotten. Gets screwed to metal or wood furring with regular drywall screws thru pre-drilled mounting holes. Edges get taped in the same as taping drywall. Used in both ceiling and wall applications. Panels are 5/8” to match drywall thickness.
Size listed is the Access Door Opening size, not the Rough Opening Size; allow 6” additional for Rough Opening Size.

Custom sizes are available upon request.


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SKUNamePieces Per Box
APRC-099” x 9” Pop Out Radius Corner1
APRC-1212” x 12” Pop Out Radius Corner1
APRC-1616” x 16” Pop Out Radius Corner1
APRC-1818” x 18” Pop Out Radius Corner1
APRC-2424” x 24” Pop Out Radius Corner1
APRC-3030” x 30” Pop Out Radius Corner1
APSQ-099” x 9” Pop Out Square Corner1
APSQ-1212” x 12” Pop Out Square Corner1
APSQ-1616” x 16” Pop Out Square Corner1
APSQ-1818” x 18” Pop Out Square Corner1
APSQ-2424” x 24” Pop Out Square Corner1
APSQ-3030” x 30” Pop Out Square Corner1