Platformer Full Kit

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Provides a secure anchor for the building of a load-bearing platform. Engineered to the highest standards for the commercial and residential construction industry. Now you can work safer in many different construction environments.


  • The Platformer™ provides a secure anchor for the building of a load-bearing platform and is engineered specifically for safety.
  • Work safely over stairs and other hazards!
  • Made with aviation grade aluminum.
  • Rated for 250 lbs. when fully extended – 500 lbs. when closed, per kit.
  • Forget impromptu and unsafe structures! Now you can work safer in many different construction environments!


  • No need to worry about theft, your Platformer™ anchors can be left on the job site for easy restarts.
  • The Platformer™ has been designed to make everything easy for you. This includes theft prevention capabilities. In order to leave your anchors on the job site, simply affix the included locks once your anchors are in place and you’re ready to go.

Quick & Easy to Use

  • Lightweight and easy to set-up, our patent pending system is the best solution for challenging, hard-to-reach areas in both commercial and residential sites.
  • Easy set-up/installation
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming scaffolding set ups.
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ST0800Platformer Full KitEach
ST0801Platform Anchor Fully AssembledEach
ST0802Pl;atformer Anchor PostEach
ST0803Platformer BeamEach
ST0804Platformer Inner Beam, includes clipsEach
ST0805Platformer Spring ClipsEach
ST0806Platformer Outer Beam, fully assembled; set of 2Each
ST0807Platformer End CapsEach
ST0808Platformer Rubber StripEach
ST0809Platformer Parts BagEach
ST0810Platformer ScrewsEach
ST0811Platformer Drill BitEach
ST0812Platformer Stud PinEach
ST0813Platformer U-Bolt Assembly, includes Wing Nut, Lock WasherEach
ST0814Platformer Stud FinderEach
ST0815Platformer Pad LockEach
ST0816 Platformer LevelEach
ST0817Platformer CaseEach

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