Platformer Full Kit

SKU: ST0800,ST0801,ST0802,ST0803,ST0804,ST0805,ST0806,ST0807,ST0808,ST0809,ST0810,ST0811,ST0812,ST0813,ST0814,ST0815,ST0816,ST0817
  • Provides a secure anchor for the building of a load-bearing platform
  • Engineered to the highest standards for the commercial and residential construction industry
  • Work safely over stairs and other hazards 
  • Made with aviation grade aluminum 
  • Rated for 250 lbs. when fully extended
  • 500 lbs. when closed, per kit
  • Easy set-up/installation
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming scaffolding setups.



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part nodescriptionqty.
ST0800Platformer Full KitEa.
ST0801Platform Anchor Fully AssembledEa.
ST0802Pl;atformer Anchor PostEa.
ST0803Platformer BeamEa.
ST0804Platformer Inner Beam, includes clipsEa.
ST0805Platformer Spring ClipsEa.
ST0806Platformer Outer Beam, fully assembled; set of 2Ea.
ST0807Platformer End CapsEa.
ST0808Platformer Rubber StripEa.
ST0809Platformer Parts BagEa.
ST0810Platformer ScrewsEa.
ST0811Platformer Drill BitEa.
ST0812Platformer Stud PinEa.
ST0813Platformer U-Bolt Assembly, includes Wing Nut, Lock WasherEa.
ST0814Platformer Stud FinderEa.
ST0815Platformer Pad LockEa.
ST0816 Platformer LevelEa.
ST0817Platformer CaseEa.
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