Platformer Full Kit

SKU: ST0800,ST0801,ST0802,ST0803,ST0804,ST0805,ST0806,ST0807,ST0808,ST0809,ST0810,ST0811,ST0812,ST0813,ST0814,ST0815,ST0816,ST0817
  • Provides a secure anchor for the building of a load-bearing platform
  • Engineered to the highest standards for the commercial and residential construction industry
  • Work safely over stairs and other hazards 
  • Made with aviation grade aluminum 
  • Rated for 250 lbs. when fully extended
  • 500 lbs. when closed, per kit
  • Easy set-up/installation
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming scaffolding setups.



Documents / Schematics

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SKU Description Qty.
ST0800 Platformer Full Kit Ea.
ST0801 Platform Anchor Fully Assembled Ea.
ST0802 Platformer Anchor Post Ea.
ST0803 Platformer Beam Ea.
ST0804 Platformer Inner Beam, includes clips Ea.
ST0805 Platformer Spring Clips Ea.
ST0806 Platformer Outer Beam, fully assembled; set of 2 Ea.
ST0807 Platformer End Caps Ea.
ST0808 Platformer Rubber Strip Ea.
ST0809 Platformer Parts Bag Ea.
ST0810 Platformer Screws Ea.
ST0811 Platformer Drill Bit Ea.
ST0812 Platformer Stud Pin Ea.
ST0813 Platformer U-Bolt Assembly, includes Wing Nut, Lock Washer Ea.
ST0814 Platformer Stud Finder Ea.
ST0815 Platformer Pad Lock Ea.
ST0816 Platformer Level Ea.
ST0817 Platformer Case Ea.