OLFA Knives

SKU: OF001, OF002, OF003, OF004, OF005, OF006, OF007, OF008, OF009, OF011, OF012

Quality high performance OLFA tools are designed for long life, with durable, premium quality handles to ease hand and wrist fatigue. Snap-off blades are engineered of the finest quality steel, ensuring exceptional sharpness and edge retention.

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SKUDescriptionCompatible BladesPart no.Qty
OF00190° Cutting Base Utility KnifeLB/LBBCL6/ctn.
OF002Ratchet Lock Utility KnifeLB/LBBL-16/ctn.
OF003Ratchet Lock Utility Knife with Rubber InsetLB/LBBL-26/ctn.
OF004Comfort Grip Rubber Reinforced Utility KnifeLB/LBBLA-X6/ctn.
OF005Five Position Utility KnifeSKB-2UTC-16/ctn.
OF006Heavy Duty Utility Knife with Rubber InsetHB/HBBH-16/ctn.
OF007Extended Length Utility KnifeLB/LBBXL-26/ctn.
OF008Extra Heavy Duty Utility Knife with Ratchet LockHB/HBBNH-16/ctn.
OF009“SNAPit ‘N’ TRAPit” Auto Lock Utility KnifeLB/LBBDL-16/ctn.
OF011Self Retracting Safety KnifeSKB-2SK-46/ctn.
OF012Rubber Grip Auto-Lock Utility KnifeLB/LBBNL/AL6/ctn.

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