OLFA Blades

SKU: OF020, OF021, OF022, OF023, OF026, OF027, OF028, OF030

Quality high performance OLFA tools are designed for long life, with durable, premium quality handles to ease hand and wrist fatigue. Snap-off blades are engineered of the finest quality steel, ensuring exceptional sharpness and edge retention.

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SKUDescriptionBlades Per Pk.Compatible KnivesPart No.Qty
OF020Heavy Duty Blades10CL/DL-1/L-1/L-2/LA-X/NL-AL/XL-2LB-10B6/ctn.
OF021Heavy Duty Blades50CL/DL-1/L-1/L-2/LA-X/NL-AL/XL-2LB-50B6/ctn.
OF022Ultramax Heavy Duty Blades10CL/DL-1/L-1/L-2/LA-X/NL-AL/XL-2LBB-10B6/ctn.
OF023Ultramax Heavy Duty Blades50CL/DL-1/L-1/L-2/LA-X/NL-AL/XL-2LBB-50B6/ctn.
OF026Extra Heavy Duty Blades5H-1/NH-1HB-5B6/ctn.
OF027Extra Heavy Duty Blades20H-1/NH-1HB-20B6/ctn.
OF028Ultramax Extra Heavy Duty Blades20H-1/NH-1HBB-20B6/ctn.
OF030Trapezoid Blades10UTC-1SKB-2/10B6/ctn.

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