NELA Premium Trowels

SKU: NL10402810BK, NL10403010BK, NL10403310BK, NL10403510BK, NL10404010BK, NL10402811BK, NL10403011BK, NL10403311BK, NL10403511BK, NL10404011BK, NL10402812BK, NL10403012BK, NL10403312BK, NL10403512BK, NL10404012BK, NL10002812W, NL10003012W, NL10003312W, NL10003512W, NL10004012W,NL10404510BK, NL10404511BK, NL10404512BK, NL10405112BK, NL10406112BK

Designed to be used as your everyday jobsite trowel. Made from hardened, stainless steel. Mounted with ultra-lightweight aluminum. Cross-ground underside of the trowel blade to allow the trowel to ”break-in“ faster. Beveled blade edges for optimum finishing of all common materials. Available in an ergonomic BikoGRIP CORK or Wooden handle.

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SKUWidth x LengthHandle
NL10402810BK4” x 11”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403010BK4” x 12”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403310BK4” x 13”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403510BK4” x 14”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10404010BK4” x 16”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10404510BK4" x 18"BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10402811BK4.5” x 11”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403011BK4.5” x 12”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403311BK4.5” x 13”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403511BK4.5” x 14”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10404011BK4.5” x 16”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10404511BK4.5" x 18"BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10402812BK4.75” x 11”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403012BK4.75” x 12”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403312BK4.75” x 13”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10403512BK4.75” x 14”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10404012BK4.75” x 16”BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10404512BK4.75" x 18"BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10405112BK4.75" x 20"BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10405612BK4.75" x 22"BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10406112BK4.75" x 24"BikoGrip6/ctn.
NL10002812W4.75” x 11”Curved Wooden6/ctn.
NL10003012W4.75” x 12”Curved Wooden6/ctn.
NL10003312W4.75” x 13”Curved Wooden6/ctn.
NL10003512W4.75” x 14”Curved Wooden6/ctn.
NL10004012W4.75” x 16”Curved Wooden6/ctn.