NELA® Black Elite Premium Gold S/S Trowel with BiKoGRIP® Handle

SKU: NL10452810BK,NL10452811BK,NL10453010BK,NL10453011BK,NL10453310BK,NL10453311BK,,NL10453510BK,NL10453511BK,NL
  • Extra Light – Medium Flexibility
  • Perfect for burr-free fillings thanks to lightly rounded edges and versatile double-blade technology.
  • BiKoGRIP in SOFT.  A perfectly designed Ergonomic handle – designed on comfort and performance.
  • Ultra-lightweight aluminum mounting made from a robust special alloy: for ultra-high stability and easy handling.
  • Attached with special bolts made from a high-quality stainless material.
  • High-strength bond between both blades thanks to a special tape that withstands both solvents and extreme temperatures.
  • Thickness of the blade 0.4 mm


Part No. Description Qty.
NL10452810BK 11" x 4" Ea.
NL10452811BK 11" x 4.5" Ea.
NL10453010BK 12" x 4" Ea.
NL10453011BK 12" x 4.5" Ea.
NL10453310BK 13" x 4" Ea.
NL10453311BK 13" x 4.5" Ea.
NL10453510BK 14" x 4" Ea.
NL10453511BK 14" x 4.5" Ea.