Mirka® LEROS Replacement Parts


MKMIW-EXT- Extention Shaft for LEROS

  • Makes it easier to reach ceilings and high walls when sanding with the Mirka® LEROS wall sander
  • Attach the extension shaft to your LEROS, and increase the reach by 7′

MK6519411- Mirka Vacuum Hose & Adaptor 13′

  • Flexible dust suction hose connecting the sander and the dust extractor
  • The conical dust suction hose is designed to improve dust suction
  • Contains both the hose and adapter

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MKHEPA Mirka DE-1230-PC HEPA Filter (DE-HEPA) Ea.
MKFILTER Mirka DE-1230-PC Flat Filter (DE-FILT) Ea.
MKDUSTBAG Mirka DE-1230-PC Fleece Dust Bag, 5/PK (DE-FDB) Ea.
MK9999 Mirka LEROS 9" Pad Protector 25H (9999) Ea.
MK919GV Mika LEROS 9" Grip Backup Pad (919GV) Ea.
MK9199 Mirka LEROS 9" Interface Oad 25H (9199) Ea.
MK6519411 Mirka Vacuum Hose & Adaptor 13' (MIN6519411) Ea.
MK6515911 Mirka Sleeve for Hose & Cable - 11.5' (MIE6515911) Ea.
MK6532011 MIRKA LEROS Yellow Case - 15.75"x 11.81" x 6.22" Ea.
MKDE-HANDLE MIRKA LEROS Handle for Dust Extractor 1230 Ea.
MKDE-TCFS MIRKA LEROS Tool Case Fastening System Ea.
MKMV-DOF-V Mirka Dual "Y" Vacuum Fitting (MV-DOF-V) Ea.
MKMVHA-10 Mirka Hose 1.5" x 33' - with Integrated Cable (MVHA-10) Ea.
MKMVHA-5 Mirka Hose 1.5" x 18' - with Intergrated Cable (MVHA-5) Ea.
MKFRONTWHEELS Replacement Front Wheels for DE-1230 Dust Extractor Ea.