Midwest Aviation Snips

SKU: ST6716L, ST6716S, ST6716R, ST6716A, ST6716B, ST6716D
  • Nominal Length: 9-3/4″
  • Compound lever action makes cutting easy
  • Cuts straight as well as wide left and right curves
  • Can be used on steel up to 18 gauge
  • Available in a variety of snips for various specialty uses
SKU Type Qty.
ST6716L Left Cut 6/ctn.
ST6716S Straight Cut 6/ctn.
ST6716R Right Cut 6/ctn.
ST6716A "Long" Straight Cut 6/ctn.
ST6716B Bulldog Snips 6/ctn.
ST6716D Drywall Bead Snips 6/ctn.