Level5 Mixing PaddleLevel5 Mixing Paddle

LEVEL5 Mixing Paddle

SKU: LV5-291,LV5-292,LV5-293,LV5-294,LV5-295
  • Used for mixing drywall compound, paint, plaster, grout, cement, and other low-density materials 
  • Unique paddle design pulls material down into your bucket, providing splatter-free operation. 
  • Mixing action virtually eliminates the introduction of air bubbles for a smooth end product.
  • Sturdy carbon steel with high-quality plating for corrosion protection and easy cleanup.
Part No. Description Pack Size
LV5-291 32" Mixing Paddle with 5" Head 4
LV5-292 32" Mixing Paddle with 7" Head 2
LV5-293 13" Mixing Paddle with 2" Head 16
LV5-294 28" Mixing Paddle with 4" Head 8
LV5-295 Pro Mixer Adaptor with Hex Key 12