LEVEL5 Mini-Shot Compound Dispenser with Handle Extension

  • The 45.5-inch long Mini-Shot delivers finishing compound through your favorite drywall finishing heads effortlessly and with high precision. Increase your profits by getting more jobs done faster!
  • A custom gas cylinder provides powerful back pressure – double the force of competing pressurized compound tubes – enabling you to apply a wider range of compound thicknesses and achieve a more consistent flow.
  •  When you apply light pressure to the Mini-Shot against the wall the nozzle end depresses to release the flow. The Mini-Shot is easier on your wrists, shoulders and back.
  • A flow adjustment nut allows you to quickly dial in the compound flow to your exact preference.
  •  An oversized, clear composite chamber provides outstanding compound capacity.
Part No. Description Qty.
LV4-772 LEVEL5 Mini-Shot™ Compound Dispenser with Handle Extension Ea.