Trim-Tex Hinged Flat Access Door Panel

  • Manufactured from GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) and 70% post-consumer recycled glass
  • Designed to blend in at locations where access is required at regular intervals
  • Easy to texture or finish making them ideal for use in both new and remodeling projects
  • Resistant to moisture and mold, while providing a lightweight solution that won’t shrink, sag, crack, or rust
  • With tapered edges for drywall installation, the surrounding frame blends seamlessly into existing walls and ceilings
  • Designed for interior use only
  • Available in a standard pop-out design, or a hinged version
  • Available in both radius & square corners
  • Custom sizes are available upon request
  • The size listed is the Access Door Opening size, not the rough opening size (allow 6” additional for Rough Opening Size)
SKU Name Pieces Per Box
APRCHG-09 9" x 9" Hinged Radius Corner Slotted 1
APRCHG-12 12" x 12" Hinged Radius Corner Slotted 1
APRCHG-24 24" x 24" Hinged Radius Corner Slotted 1
APSQHG-12 12” x 12” Hinged Square Corner Slotted 1
APSQHG-24 24” x 24” Hinged Square Corner Slotted 1