Trim-Tex GRG Column Covers

SKU: APCC-12, APCC-14, APCC-16, APCC-18, APCC-20, APCC-22, APCC-24, APCC-26, APCC-28, APCC-30, APCC-32, APCC-34, APCC-36, APCC-40, APCC-42, APCC-46, APCC-48

Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) designed to cover existing pipes and structural components in commercial, institutional and high-end residential building markets.
Non-combustible and lightweight.

Fiberglass mesh tape is recommended for installation. Ranging from 12” to 48” in diameter.

Heights of 14’ or greater will be shipped in lengths specified by the manufacturer.

SKU Diameter
APCC-12 12"
APCC-14 14"
APCC-16 16"
APCC-18 18"
APCC-20 20"
APCC-22 22"
APCC-24 24"
APCC-26 26"
APCC-28 28"
APCC-30 30"
APCC-32 32"
APCC-34 34"
APCC-36 36"
APCC-40 40"
APCC-42 42"
APCC-46 46"
APCC-48 48"