Full Circle Flex Edge 2.0 Professional Sanding Tool, Complement to Radius 360

SKU: FC-FLEX 2.0, FC-FLEX 2.0-100, FC-FLEX 2.0-120, FC-FLEX 2.0-150,FC-FLEX 2.0-180,FC-FLEX 2.0-220

Flex Edge 2.0 designed to complement the Radius360. Easily handles a variety of sanding challenges with everything you need to take on the corners, tight angles, outlets, bumps, and more. The all-in-one foam/rubber replacement pad has added core pressure to eliminate and prevent binding and stuttering to ensure a faster, higher quality finish.

  • Non-Flip Design for a flawless finish
  • Abrasive clips for holding abrasive paper and sanding screens
  • Rubber protective bumper protects adjacent walls
  • Acme thread on pole connector to use with any threaded poles
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FC-FLEX 2.0 2.0 Head Only3/ctn.
FC-FLEX 2.0-100 2.0 Sandpaper Sheets 100 Grit10 pks/10 sheets
FC-FLEX 2.0-120 2.0 Sandpaper Sheets 120 Grit10 pks/10 sheets
FC-FLEX 2.0-150 2.0 Sandpaper Sheets 150 Grit10 pks/10 sheets
FC-FLEX 2.0-180 2.0 Sandpaper Sheets 180 Grit10 pks/10 sheets
FC-FLEX 2.0-220 2.0 Sandpaper Sheets 220 Grit 10 pks/10 sheets