Full Circle Dustless Sanding System


The Dustless Sanding System works with any shop vacuum to achieve a 98% dust-free work area. The Radius 360 Air sander head is designed for quick effortless movement
and a full range of motion to work with any of the Level

360 Sanding discs (#60-300 grits). The Flex Air sander
head is designed for detailed corner sanding.
The hook n’ loop rubber and foam pad provides an
even finish while using a variety of sheeted sandpapers.
The patented pivot joint and orbiting hose port keeps the
vacuum hose out of the way when sanding and to move freely on the wall or ceilings. Sold as a kit only.

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FC-DUSTLESSDustless Sanding System
FC-PERFFOAMPerforated Foam Pad 6/ctn.