Floor Scrapers

SKU: CB4018, CB4019, CB4020, CB4021, CB4010, CB4011, CB4012, CB4013

Scrapers have a 5’ steel or wooden handle mounted to a heavy steel bracket. Metal handle has a plastic grip on end.

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CB401814" Floor ScraperWooden (Heavy Duty)6 /ctn.
CB402018" Floor ScraperWooden (Heavy Duty)6 /ctn.
CB401914" Replacement BladeWooden (Heavy Duty)Ea.
CB402118" Replacement BladeWooden (Heavy Duty)Ea.
CB401014" Floor ScraperSteel6 /ctn.
CB401220" Floor ScraperSteel6 /ctn.
CB401114" Replacement BladeSteelEa.
CB401320" Replacement BladeSteelEa.