Flex Grid Angle

SKU: TT8158, TT8158M, TT8159, TT8178-10, TT8179-10

The ultimate way to finish an acoustical ceiling terminating at any curved wall or surface.

  • Will finish columns 5 ½” radius or larger, 8158 will finish a minimum inside radius of 60″.
  • For inside radii as small as 18″, use 8159.
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SKUNameLengthPieces Per Box
TT8158⅞" Angle 8' (White)8'63
TT8158M⅞" Angle 8' (White)8'10
TT81599/16" Angle 8' (White)8'63
TT8178-10⅞" Angle 8' (Black)8'10
TT8179-109/16" Angle 8' (Black)8'10