Trim-Tex Fire Rated 093V Expansion

Trim-Tex® Fire Rated 093V Expansion features a deep rigid “V”  joined at the bottom with a flexible connection allowing for a full ⅜” in controlled movement. Pink coloring quickly indicates to inspectors that the product is fire rated. Listed under U300 and U400-Series Wall or Partition Design in the UL Fire Resistance Directory. UL Rated for 1 hour and 2 hour assembly, refer to UL Detail documentation for full assembly information. Before installation, ensure that the wall is built to outlined specifications for XHBN.WW-D-0172 in the UL directory.
  • Time saving single step installation. Use at wall or ceiling control joints in lieu of fire rated backing materials for 1-and 2-hour fire rated assemblies. 
  • Features intumescent tape on one side of the expansion joint, that expands when exposed to heat, sealing the joint.
  • Allows for a full ⅜” in controlled movement.
  • Pink in color so it is easily identified by the inspector as a UL certified fire-rated drywall accessory.
  • Tear away strips keep mud out of the center expansion control joint
  • Can be used on wood or steel construction
SKU Name Pieces Per Box
TT093X-V Fire Rated 093V Expansion 20