Envisivent Removable Air Filter Clip

Easily attach an air filter to your air return vent using Envisivent’s Air Filter Clips. The clips are made out of Galvanized Steel, and come in 1” or 2 “ deep brackets. Simply attach the clips onto the inner lip of the Air Return vent frame and slide your air filter into place behind the vent cover. 

Our air filter clips are designed to be used with Envisvent’s Removable Air Return Vents and they can also be used with any custom air return vent. 

The clips come in a bundle that includes 4 brackets and 2 straight clips.

Part No Description Qty.
CB4998 Envisivent 1" Air Filter Clip Set (include 4 - 1" Brackets & 2 - Straight Clips) Ea.
CB4999 Envisivent 2" Air Filter Clip Set (include 4 - 2" Brackets & 2 - Straight Clips) Ea.