DEWALT Joint Compound Pump Attachments

SKU: LVDXTT-2-714,LVDXTT-2-715


  • Compatible with automatic tapers from most leading brands.
  • Premium quality stainless steel construction.
  • Precision machined mounting flange enables a quick change between gooseneck and box filler valve.
  • Taper bracket wrapped in vinyl sleeves to protect the finish on the taper tube.
  • Integrated foot for stability.


  • Compatible with joint compound pumps from most leading brands.
  • Longer than other standard box filler valves, enabling easier, more comfortable filling and less interference with the compound bucket.
  • High-strength billet aluminum body, hard-coat anodized for long-term durability and easy cleanup.
    Stainless steel filler nozzle and cable.
  • Precision-machined mount flange enables quick changes between the box filler valve and a gooseneck on a joint compound pump.
Part No. Description Qty.
LVDXTT-2-714 DeWalt Goose Neck Ea.
LVDXTT-2-715 DeWalt Filler Valve Ea.