DELKO®Hybird Taper

  • Made from durable ABS.
  • Fast access to the inside of the tool via Delko’s tough speed clips.
  • Compact mud bath design with a compound capacity of 2.25kgs.
  • Use joint tape rolls up to 150m (500 feet) in length – and not just paper, try Delko Hybrid with other tapes like FibaFuse or KURT.
  • Mud control dial allows you to make subtle or large changes to compound flow.
  • Experience maximum control. Switch between the adjustable canvas handle on the right hand side of the Hybrid, or the large, comfortable handle at the top.
  • Change between flat joints and internal corners with a flick of your wrist using the patented double ended Delko® Applicator Attachment.
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HO6517 DELKO®Hybird Taper