TapeTech Corner Finishers

SKU: AT056-X, AT056A, AT057, AT058, AT080, AT018

Produces crisp and clean interior 90° angles with minimal effort. Spring loaded action compensates for imperfect internal angles. Quickly wipe down and feather internal angles with one pass. Can be used with the 7” or 8” Corner Box Applicator, MudRunner® or Compound Tubes. A Corner Finisher Adapter must be used when using the Support Handles as a ”Flusher Handle”.

Product Code Tape Tech Product Code Description
AT056-X 40XTT 2" Corner Finisher
AT056A 42TT 2.5" Corner Finisher
AT057 45TT 3" Corner Finisher
AT058 48TT 3" EasyRoll® Corner Finisher
AT080 48XTT 3.5" EasyRoll® Corner Finisher
AT018 CFA-TT Corner Finisher Adapter