TapeTech Corner Box Applicators

SKU: AT055CA, AT059CA, AT015, AT016, AT017

Supplies compound to Corner Finishers for fast, efficient finishing of internal angles, and to Mud Heads to quickly and cleanly apply compound to internal and external corners. The D-Shape on the Corner Box locks into the new Support Handles and will not allow side-to-side movement during use.

Part No Tape Tech Code Description
AT055CA CA08TT TapeTech 8" Corner Box Applicator - Head Only
AT059CA CA07TT TapeTech 7" Corner Box Applicator - Head Only
AT015 FH-TT TapeTech Fibreglass Support Handle (43")
AT016 XH-TT TapeTech Extendable Support Handle (43" - 76.25")
AT017 CAA-TT TapeTech Corner Box Applicator Adaptor for FHTT/XHTT Support Handles