Circle Brand SkyStrider Stilts – Aluminum

SKU: CBS001, CBS002, CBS003

The unique design of SkyStrider Stilts allows for a more natural walking motion compared to traditional style stilts.

  • Weight Capacity – 225 lbs/102 kgs (Including Tools)
  • Comfortable Calf Cuff Pad with Adjustable and Locking Calf Straps
  • Adjustable and Locking Ankle and Toe Straps
  • Flip and Lock system allows each stilt leg to be set to optimum height
  • Ankle Spring can be adjusted for user weight and improved walking motion
  • Rubber Sole on Foot Plate designed for better traction and longer usage
  • Heel Bracket can be adjusted to 3 different settings to allow for various foot sizes
  • Greater Balance & more natural walking motion
  • Wide foot plate for extra support
  • Comes out of the box virtually “ready to go” with a few slight adjustments
  • Height adjustments can be done quickly & efficiently
  • Complete padded cuff that fits around the entire calf

These are just a few features that makes these the most sought-after stilts on the market.

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CBS001Circle Brand SkyStrider Stilts - Aluminum15"-23"
CBS002Circle Brand SkyStrider Stilts - Aluminum18"-30"
CBS003Circle Brand SkyStrider Stilts - Aluminum24"-40"
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