Circle Brand Signature Series Trowel with Curved Wood Handle

SKU: CB16250, CB16251, CB16252, CB16253, CB16254, CB16257, CB16258, CB16259

Designed with the needs of the professional finisher in mind. Cross ground and edge ground stainless steel blade. Solid riveted mounting for high strength and durability. Handles are set at optimal height with extra hand clearance away from the alloy mounting.

SKU Width x Length Qty.
CB16250 4.5” x 11” 6/ctn.
CB16251 4.5” x 11.5” 6/ctn.
CB16252 4.5” x 12” 6/ctn.
CB16253 4.5” x 14” 6/ctn.
CB16254 4.5” x 16” 6/ctn.
CB16257 5” x 12” 6/ctn.
CB16258 5” x 14” 6/ctn.
CB16259 5” x 16” 6/ctn.