Circle Brand Dual Angle Sanding Blocks

SKU: SPB13, SPB13-IND, SPB12, SPB23, SPB23-IND, SPB22, SPB25, SPB25-IND, SPB24

Dual Angle Sanding Sponges are a flexible sanding abrasive designed for easy gripping to sand hard to reach areas of drywall. Coated 4 sides. Made in the USA.

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SPB13Dual Angle (Fine/Medium) Display Box24/ctn.
SPB13-INDDual Angle (Fine/Medium) Sleeved24/ctn.
SPB12Dual Angle (Fine/Medium) Bulk Box100/ctn.
SPB23Dual Angle (Fine) Display Box24/ctn.
SPB23-INDDual Angle (Fine) Sleeved24/ctn.
SPB22Dual Angle (Fine) Bulk Box100/ctn.
SPB25Dual Angle (Medium) Display Box24/ctn.
SPB25-INDDual Angle (Medium) Sleeved24/ctn.
SPB24Dual Angle (Medium) Bulk Box100/ctn.

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