Chamfer Bead & Archway

SKU: TT9508, TT9509, TT9510, TT9550,TT9580,TT9590

A larger 1 ⅛” wide chamfered edge softens the room while producing a crisp look with great shadows. Archway minimum 18″ inside radius or 24″ outside radius.

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SKUNamePieces Per BoxLength
TT9508Chamfer Bead308'
TT9509Chamfer Bead309'
TT9510 Chamfer Bead3010'
TT9550Archway Chamfer3010'
TT9580Chamfer Kerfed Bead 1/2"3010'
TT9590Chamfer Kerfed Bead 5/8"3010'