Trim-Tex Black Widow Sander

SKU: TT0540, TT0540P, TT0560-C, TT0560-CX, TT0560-M, TT0560-F, TT0560-FX

TT0540 and TT0540P

  • Radius corners to prevent gouging and scuffing of compound
  • Available in bulk or counter display boxes
  • Various grits available

TT0560-CX, TT0560-C, TT0560-M, TT0560-F and TT0560-X

  • Designed for Black Widow Pro Sander
  • 60% larger sanding surface
  • Abrasive grit is bonded directly to foam backing
  • Hook and loop design
  • All-in-one quick-change foam & grit system
SKU Description Qty.
TT0540P 540 Pro Series Sander w/48” Pole 4/ctn.
TT0540 540 Pro Series Sander (Head Only) 4/ctn.
TT0560-CX Extra Coarse (#100 Grit) 24 pads/Box
TT0560-C Coarse (#120 Grit) 24 pads/Box
TT0560-M Medium (#150 Grit) 24 pads/Box
TT0560-F Fine (#180 Grit) 24 pads/Box
TT0560-FX Extra Fine (#220 Grit) 24 pads/Box