Architectural L Bead & Archway

SKU: TTAS3204, TTAS3206, TTAS3210, TTAS3266, TTAS3288, TTAS3299, TTAS3310, TTAS3510, TTAS3610, TTAS3450, TTAS3410

Finish the rough edge of drywall with the sharpest and cleanest L bead on the market. Create a floating expansion revels. Archway is great around duct work and piping, for finishing columns, curved walls and soffits. Archway minimum 8″ inside radius or 8″ outside radius.

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SKUNamePieces Per BoxLength
TTAS3204AS ¼" L Bead3010'
TTAS3206AS ⅜" L Bead3010'
TTAS3210AS ½" L Bead8010'
TTAS3266AS Archway ⅜" L3010'
TTAS3288AS Archway ½" L5010'
TTAS3299AS Archway ⅝" L5010'
TTAS3310AS ⅝" L Bead8010'
TTAS3510AS 1" L Bead5010'
TTAS3610AS 1 ¼" L Bead5010'
TTAS3450AS ⅞" L Bead5010'
TTAS3410AS ¾" L Bead5010'

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