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New Logo

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For Immediate Release January 27th, 2020

Wallboard Trim & Tool, well known for their reliability, best in class customer service, and
relationship first business model, is continuing to evolve its brand image. Since 1997 they have
been a dedicated wholesale distributor & manufacturer of quality drywall tools and accessories
across Canada.

The new year brings a brand-new look, and the decision to revamp their logo was an easy one,
according to President, Cheryl Meneguzzi.

“Wallboard Trim & Tool is a company that adapts with the times, and as we have grown, we
continually adapt with changes in this industry over the past decade,” she explains.

“We wanted our logo to reflect our values, which focus on removing the excess, allowing us to
focus on what matters most, relationships. The new logo was designed to better represent a
sense of strength and forward movement, a value we bring to our partnerships.”

“We didn’t want anything overly stylized because after all, we’re talking about streamlined
business practices that only a family business can provide. But, at the same time, we wanted to
create a memorable image that represents the balance of versatility, strength, and dependability
our dealers and partners have come to expect.”

This new logo design marks the start of the next era for Wallboard Trim & Tool. A bold and crisp
design, WTT has established a unique, contemporary and authentic brand. The crisp lines and
strong color contrast creates a visual identity that is easy to recognize and associate with strong

The new design can be found above, as well as our previous logo.
The refreshed Wallboard Trim & Tool logo design is just the beginning of the best decade yet!

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