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Drywall Boards in Warehouse

Drywall Thickness

Drywall Thickness In addition to specialized types of drywall board for specific applications – like mold-resistant “green board” for use in damp environments, for example – drywall sheets are available in several different standardized thicknesses: ¼ inch 3/8 inch ½Read More

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Greenboard Drywall Header

What is Greenboard Drywall?

What is Greenboard Drywall? Summer Hill Developers what is drywall greenboard? Green board – so called because of the distinctive green color of its paper backing – is a variety of moisture-resistant drywall board that’s been available since the 1960s.Read More

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Person Carrying Drywall

Drywall vs Sheetrock

Drywall vs Sheetrock We hear the terms “drywall” and “sheetrock” thrown around interchangeably – but what’s the difference? The short version is that “sheetrock” is to “drywall” what “Kleenex” is to “tissue.” It’s a specific brand name that has comeRead More

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Contractor Installing Drywall Board

Drywall Basics

Drywall Basics Gypsum Association We spend a lot of time talking about the craft, technique, and business of drywall. We love looking at new tools and interesting gear, too. But when was the last time you thought about the drywallRead More

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