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Mirka Leros Power Sander

Best Drywall Sander

Best Drywall Sander Sanding drywall is an important step in getting a smooth, clean finish on your project. Knowing how to sand – and having the right equipment – can improve your results and reduce the work hours it takesRead More

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Drywall Boards in Warehouse

Drywall Thickness

Drywall Thickness In addition to specialized types of drywall board for specific applications – like mold-resistant “green board” for use in damp environments, for example – drywall sheets are available in several different standardized thicknesses: ¼ inch 3/8 inch ½Read More

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Greenboard Drywall Header

What is Greenboard Drywall?

What is Greenboard Drywall? Summer Hill Developers what is drywall greenboard? Green board – so called because of the distinctive green color of its paper backing – is a variety of moisture-resistant drywall board that’s been available since the 1960s.Read More

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