Maximize Your Efficiency with These Leading Automatic Taping Tools

Maximize Your Efficiency with These Leading Automatic Taping Tools

Automatic Taping Tools are necessities in the ever-growing Drywall Installation and Finishing business. In order to keep up with this rapidly evolving and expanding field, a workplace should have nothing but the best tools available to help contractors stay atop of their profession. The best way to maintain a high standard of productivity and perform at the best of your abilities is to choose the best equipment available. The brand-new Wallboard Trim & Tool Catalogue features top-of-the-line gear that will not only satisfy your production needs but raise the bar for your jobsite’s performance as well.

One of the staples in the finishing industry is the automatic taper itself. Allowing contractors to apply mud and tape in a single pass of the taper, the LEVEL5 Automatic Taper offers efficiency and quickness to any jobsite. LEVEL5’s Automatic Taper features a meticulously crafted “Quick-Clean” head, which substantially increases ease of use and accessibility. The purposeful design makes the removal of the cover plate effortless and achievable in one swift thumb screw. With the head popped off, you can clean your tool and have the plate back on and work-ready in no time at all. The taper is shaped with high-quality materials, and the high-caliber anodizing prevents corrosion to your equipment. The care put into creating tools of this excellence ensures durability and guarantees the taper will last for years at any jobsite taking advantage of it. Likewise, similar products such as the TapePro Super Lite Automatic Taper offer distinction beyond your everyday tool. A variation of the standard Automatic Taper, the Super Lite Automatic Taper built by TapePro provides the added benefit of being lightweight without any drawbacks to durability. The Super Lite Automatic Taper is fashioned from lightweight titanium side plates which allows the taper to handle extreme temperatures and guarantees dent-free equipment. Also sporting a carbon fibre control tube, the stability seen in the Super Lite Automatic Taper is a great option for all your finishing needs. 

Another excellent line of equipment involves our selection of Flat Boxes, important for achieving the best finishing results. LEVEL5 provides a choice between their Flat Box and their MEGA Flat Box which are both designed to perfectly feather joint edges when working on walls and ceilings. The premium grade aluminum material used in addition to their anodized surface prevents corrosion and certifies durability and easy cleaning. While the standard LEVEL5 Flat Box provides easier mobility and portability, the MEGA Flat Box holds 25% more joint compound. The options provided offer a choice for each jobsite and individual contractor to make sure their preferences are respected for the best results possible. As well as the high-quality equipment featured from LEVEL5, there are also premium flat boxes from TapePro in two different versions. TapePro’s Blue 2 Flat Box applies joint compound to flat recesses and butt joints while automatically crowning the joint and feathering the edges. The built-in pressure plate is fixed to an axle, allowing for smooth opening and facilitates cleaning in the process. Providing a second-tier alternative to the Blue 2 Flat Box, TapePro’s T2 Flat Box offers a different method toward construction as well as featuring a difference in the blade holder and setting adjustments available. The T2 Flat Box offers a 6” version, and both boxes are available in sizes of 8”, 10” and 12”. The Flat Boxes make sure to fill any TapePro or similarly designed box handles while increasing productivity, and the selection offered by TapePro places importance on choice and preference to help you achieve the best results possible at your next jobsite. 

TapePro’s selection of glazers offers top-of-the-line products that can handle any job you need to tackle. The TapePro Corner Glazer is made of durable stainless-steel leading to high-end premium products. The Corner Glazer provides the ability to apply exact amounts of joint compound while simultaneously feathering the edges of internal corner joints. The Corner Glazer’s design allows it to fit onto a Compound Tube or Corner Box Applicator, permitting the user to finish internal corners in one step. Having a stiffer body better suited to thicker compound mixes, the TapePro Glider Glazer helps deal with tougher angles and even tougher materials. The Glider Glazer features a new design for its shape, sizing, and wheels, providing the liberty to glide along 90∞ corners with ease. The Glider Glazer is designed with the Corner Finisher Handle in mind, and the two work hand-in-hand to achieve nothing short of excellence. The TapePro Straight Glazer emphasizes control and facilitates the precision needed for premium results. The Straight Glazer is carefully produced with durable Acetal skids as well as a ball socket for reduced friction. These features are methodically crafted to provide complete control, and work in junction with flat stainless-steel springs to allow for exacting correct pressure on your work. The easy-snap attachments and effortless part replacement made possible by TapePro’s careful design process prioritizes precision and control, elevating your efficiency to a new industry standard.

With the drywall industry growing as a whole, especially considering the growth of the Taping and Finishing industry, each company workplace has to do its best to stay ahead of the competition. Hiring the best people for the job is a given, so why not apply the same logic to the tools being used. A quick glance at the Wallboard Catalogue will display a stunning arrangement of the best that the industry has to offer. Download our digital catalogue or request a printed copy and be sure to check out our wide assortment of top-of-the-line products and stay ahead of the competition today!


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