Flame Fighter Drywall Finishing Tape

Approved for 1 & 2 Hour Firewalls AND Ceilings!

Flame Fighter Fire TapeĀ® is an alternative to conventional paper and fiberglass tape used as a finishing component for gypsum board assemblies approved and Listed to ASTM E119, Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials or CAN/ULC S101, Standard Methods of Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction and Materials for use in the United States and Canada. These test standards are very similar to NFPA 251, UL 263, ISO 834, BS 476, etc.


4 thoughts on “Flame Fighter Drywall Finishing Tape

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    WADE PAULOUSKI - July 22, 2020

    Hi I purchased 2 EZ flame fighter tape for garage ceiling,my question is, can you mud over the tape if I decide to finish ceiling and paint or can you paint over the tape without mud? Thank You! Wade Paulouski

    1. Reply - July 22, 2020

      Hi Wade,
      You can paint and mud over the EZ Fire Tape as long as you cover the EZ Fire Tape with an oil/alkyd-based primer. The tape has a thin silicone covering on the outside of the tape to prevent the tape from sticking to itself. If you don’t prime the tape, anything you apply to the tape will fall off. You can purchase spray cans that are made to apply to stains before painting and you can use that. As long as it’s oil/alkyd-based.

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    Martin Proulx - August 3, 2021


    my fire wall is 2 layers of gypsum on each side of the metal studs. We must make the joints between the two layers of gypsum. Can we use it?

    1. Reply - August 3, 2021

      Good morning,
      Before proceeding, you should check with your local inspectors to make sure they are aware of the product. This link,, takes you to all of the technical data available for every firewall that EZ Fire Tape has been approved for.

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