About Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex Inc. is a USA manufacturer of vinyl drywall corner beads and accessories. Since 1969, they've been creating drywall solutions alongside contractors, architects, and engineers to save time and money on every job. Trim-Tex offers the most complete line of commercial and residential drywall finishing products, including Corner Beads, J Beads, L Beads, Reveals, Expansion products, and more. Whether you need one box or a truckload, Trim-Tex has you covered.

Wallboard Trim & Tool is the proud exclusive Canadian distributor of Trim-Tex.


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Trim-Tex Protection with Mud Set Easy Install

Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads are designed with patented Mud Lock technology. Mud Set Beads don't require adhesive spray or staples to install. Simply coat the inside of the bead or corner with compound and apply. Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads are the easiest to install and strongest bead on the market with 3.5x the bond strength of typical paper covered metal.