About EZ-Tape

E-Z Taping System manufactures drywall tapes that utilize adhesive backing to redefine what you can do with tape. Flame Fighter tape allows you to finish fire-rated walls without any mud. Use less drywall compound with Peel and Stick or water activated Quick Stick tapes. E-Z Taping System has taken fire-rating walls one step further with new intumescent fire caulk. Finish fire-rated walls with confidence, choose E-Z Taping Systems.

Wallboard Trim & Tool is a proud distributor of E-Z Taping System.


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Now Approved for 1 & 2 Hour Firewalls AND Ceilings!

Fire Tape® is a patented and proprietary product that is made in the U.S.A., which was specifically developed for use with gypsum board assemblies. Fire Tape® is a multi-layered tape used to cover and seal butt joints of gypsum board panels. Fire Tape® combines the attributes of paper tape and fiberglass tape into one single product. Fire Tape® is an alternative to conventional paper and fiberglass tape used as a finishing component for gypsum board assemblies. Check out the Tech Data page for complete information.