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Best Drywall Sander

Best Drywall Sander

Sanding drywall is an important step in getting a smooth, clean finish on your project. Knowing how to sand – and having the right equipment – can improve your results and reduce the work hours it takes to complete any job from a simple patch to drywalling an entire house.

As with any important tool, everyone has an opinion about what the “right equipment” really is but of course, there isn’t a single right answer about which is the best drywall sander. It depends on the project and your skill. For example, on a small patch job, a dustless power sander could be overkill and might not even save you much time compared to manual sanding if you count set-up and cleaning time. On the other hand, power sanders can be game-changing on bigger projects.

Still, there are some factors that distinguish good drywall sanders from the rest. Pole sanders should have a wide head that covers a lot of area and can reach into corners effectively. Look for a telescopic pole and articulation to sand from different angles. Some higher-end pole sanders can even be connected to a shop vac to control dust.

Power sanders need to have a strong enough motor to power the sanding head effectively and a vacuum that provides enough suction to remove the dust as quickly as it is produced. Cordless power sanders should also include a big enough battery that you’re not stopping constantly to charge or swap batteries. They also need a long enough hose that you can move around your work space easily.

Black Widow Sander

Your Favorites

With that in mind, we used social media to survey real drywallers like you on your favorite sanders. You replied with a list of both manual pole sanders and powered models. The winners (and some of your comments) were:

Pole and Other Manual Sanders

    • Trim-Tex Black Widow

      • Black Widow was a clear favorite among those polled with one user reporting that “Black Widow has more sanding coverage and quick changing pads, so that makes it my go to…sander!”

    • Circle Brand Express Sander

    • Columbia Pole Sander

    • Full Circle Flex Edge 2.0

Power Sanders

    • Mirka Power Sander

      • Out of a lot of options for power sanders, Mirka got the most love with users even chiming in on their favorite models, saying things like “Mirka Leros for sure” and “Mirka and Hilti are hard to beat”

    • Porter-Cable Drywall Power Sander

    • Festool Planex


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